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English Blog Posts · 30. Juli 2021
The 3 Suns
Beloved star wanderers, the information is bubbling up like a waterfall right now and falling into place like pieces of a puzzle. Today, I was allowed to decide which topic I would give preference to, as they relate to different areas. My decision fell on the 3 suns orbiting the earth (yes, you read that right). During one of my last missions on the "Pallas Athena" (Ukeron's command ship), I was able to view this spectacle from space, deeply impressed. All three are very close and have almost...
English Blog Posts · 24. Juli 2021
Pleiadian Love Relationships
(Preliminary note from Shadar: Enjoy this post along with this music. It makes Ukeron's words sink in much deeper!) Fellow travelers on this evolutionary adventure, welcome aboard! I am especially pleased to be able to speak to you today - particularly, because Shadar had some doubts and reservations about her perception that are absolutely unfounded. And especially, because tonight you have a "Blue Moon" that correlates with one of the suns in the Pleiades - Alcyone, my home star, a blue sun....
English Blog Posts · 15. Mai 2021
Sirian Starseed
Dear star wanderers, as promised, this time we will talk about the Sirian star seeds on Terran soil. How can you tell if you carry Sirian DNA and what special character traits (usually) form? You simply love water and it is important for your salvation to live near it; preferably by the sea. Probably as a child you stayed in the water until your lips turned blue and your parents had to literally force you to get out of the pleasant wet again. You are also fascinated by the underwater world and...
English Blog Posts · 10. Mai 2021
Sirians - we introduce ourselves
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